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What can I recycle through Dawarha RVMs? ♻️

For the time being, you can Recycle your Plastic Bottles, and Soda Beverage Containers through Dawarha RVMs.

How do I earn Dawarha coins? 🤑

Swing by one of Dawarha RVMs, you will enter your Mobile Number, and start drop your recyclables. Dawarha will recognize and separate your recyclables, then showers you with Dawarha coins in your wallet.

What happens if I recycle without Dawarha App? 👀

If you've recycled without the Dawarha App, fear not! Our innovative AI-based Dawarha RVMs will automatically create a virtual wallet and accumulate Dawarha Coins for you. When you download the app and register with your mobile number, voila! Your progress will be up-to-date and ready for you to explore. It's recycling made seamless and rewarding!


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